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Dynamic Communities and GPUG

At Lagom, we want to empower you learn with us and independent of us, and Dynamics Communities and GP User Group (GPUG) are the perfect venues to do just that!

We are involved in the Dynamic Communities User Groups and we encourage you to join.  Dynamic Communities is the leading organization focused solely on supporting technology-centric user groups.

Knowledge is exchanged through:

  • User-led virtual training sessions

  • Local User Group Meetings (Chapters)

  • Online Q&A Forum

  • Advanced workshops (Academy)

  • In-Person Conferences and Events 

Join these communities, powered by users for users. 


People tend to migrate to people and things that are like them. As human beings, we participate in activities that we assimilate to.


“When you get people who are using the same product with common interests in a room, they feel comfortable in sharing challenges, best practices, ideas and road map discussions. It is not a selling event. It is a learning event.”

Role Based Networking

Building peer-to-peer professional relationships is of great value to our clients. For example, we see controllers reaching out to other controllers to ask for their perspectives and insights, which provides a unique benefit.

VOICE with Microsoft

The voice of the client is a very power medium. “Users want to make sure they have a voice and that it is heard. Microsoft does a good job of listening through Dynamic Communities and takes the feedback they receive very seriously.” Our clients appreciate that their conversations and feedback are heard, and that they are making an impact on future products.

Benefits of Engaging with Dynamic Communities

As a valued customer, we are offering you a 10% discount. Upon joining please enter the following code to receive the discount: PRPLAGOM

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