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Customer PO Number Check

Today we're going to look at the Customer PO Number Check available in Professional Services Tool Library (PSTL). PSTL is included at no charge on all currently supported versions of GP (2015 and newer). If you don't see it in GP, check with your system administrator to confirm your security permissions and whether PSTL has been installed.

This feature will review the SOP tables to identify whether the customer has used that PO number before. The neat thing about the Customer PO Number Check is that, to an extent, you can customize the behavior.

After opening the PSTL main screen, select the "Customer PO Number Check" radio button as shown below and click "Next".

That will open the Customer PO Validation Setup window which is where the magic happens.

Users can control which document types (Quote, Order, etc.) are subject to the validation and how the validation works for each type. The column names and behaviors are as follows:

  • Check DB - When searching the database, should this document type be checked?

  • Which Tables - Work only, History only, or Both?

  • Check on UI - When entering in the value (by hand) on the UI should the document type be checked or ignored.

  • Required - Should the Customer PO Number field be a required field in SOP Entry

  • Warning Type -Do Nothing, to Warn only, to Reject, to Ask for the Password.

  • Message - User editable message per SOP Type. See the bottom of the setup window for tips to make the messages more dynamic (i.e. %1 translates to the PO Number).

Once configured, when a user enters a PO Number for that customer that already exists, the PSTL tool will kick in and behave as appropriate based on your settings. Note that the Customer PO Number field on the UI now shows as a required field (normally it's not). That's because in my setup, I told the feature to make the field a required field on Quotes.

The current warning reads "PO Number: TEST already exists for this customer on Sales Quote QTEST1025" and includes buttons that say "Yes", "No" and "Display. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense does it?

While the message itself is editable in the Customer PO Validation Setup window, the buttons themselves are hard coded as "Yes" to allow, "No" to try again (i.e. edit the PO Number before trying to save/transfer the document) or "Display" to display a list of all documents to review before proceeding further. It's important to make sure the message you set up to display on the pop up makes sense based on the behavior you design.

**PSTL must be installed on each individual workstation/GP access point or users without it installed will not be subject to the Customer PO Validation Check. **

For more information on the Customer PO Validation Check, PSTL, or other GP tips and tricks, contact us at

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