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Customizing Edit Payment Batch Columns

To say that Microsoft Dynamics GP is highly customizable would be a bit of an understatement. Some customizations are more obvious than others, but often it’s the little changes that can bring a greater sense of enjoyment and ownership to a user’s daily experience in their work in GP. Likewise, its often those “little things” that can be easily overlooked and underutilized!

One feature we often see not utilized is the ability to customize what is displayed in the columns of the Edit Payment Batch screen. There are a number of options that can make using this screen more inviting and practical for a user. Let me just say, my life changed for the better when I realized I could change the voucher number to the document number!

To take a closer look at these options open the Payables Batch Edit Payment Batch screen

Purchasing>Transactions> Edit Payment Batch

* I selected a batch so that I can see how the data changes, but changes can be made to the column views without selecting a batch.

First, lets explore changes that can be made to the vendor table columns. To open the options, click the “Columns” button in the blue banner of the vendor table.

A check list of options will come up.

By default, this table is showing the Vendor ID and the Total Amount Paid. Up to three selections may be made for this table. Also note that there are options to change the order of the columns, so columns will display in the order they appear in this list. The order can be changed by clicking on and highlighting the desired field, and using the "Move up" "Move Down" buttons on the right hand side of the screen.

For example, lets say I wanted to see the Vendor Name, Vendor ID, and the Total Amount Paid, in that order. My List Customization screen looks like this. I've moved the Vendor Name field up, and checked the boxes of the fields I want displayed. Click OK when ready to make changes

The Vendors table display will look like the following:

Similarly, customizations can be made to the document detail side of the Edit Payment batch screen. The maximum number columns that may be displayed here is seven. again the position of the columns can be changed by choosing the desired.

A familiar looking checklist will appear for selections to be made and columns ordered in their desired order.

Here is a list of all of the options for each table in the Edit Payment Batch window.

Such a simple feature that can truly make a big difference for a user.

Follow along for other GP tips and tricks!

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