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Dynamics GP -Restrict Account Lookup

This week's post is an oldie but a goodie - GP's "Include In Lookup" feature.

Powerful but often overlooked, the "Include in Lookup" feature allows you to restrict whether specific accounts appear in certain modules (i.e. prevent Accounts Payable from appearing Sales Module).

Navigate to the Account Maintenance Window (Financial>>Cards>>Account) and select the Account you would like to restrict.

Once the Account is selected, simply remove the blue highlight from the module in the "Include in Lookup" portion of the screen. You can deselect one module (while leaving the others marked) by holding down the CTRL key when clicking on the module you do not wish to see the account in. Alternatively, if you want the account to appear only in a singular module, click on that module (without holding the CTRL key) to select that module and simultaneously deselect the other modules.

Save the changes to the Account card, and you're finished! The next time you use the account lookup in the restricted modules, that account number won't appear.

This is a companywide setting so making the change impacts all users in that company.

GP Pro Tip: If for some reason you need to look up an account in a module it is restricted in for the lookup window, you can use the "All Accounts Option" in the module lookup window to "unrestrict" the view temporarily.

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