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Finding Data Quickly in GP Reports

If you've been in GP for any period of time, you might have noticed that some reports can get rather large and finding a specific piece of information in it can be quite frustrating.

That doesn't mean that you have to search line by line through a 60+ page document for that one number you want to verify though! The "Find" feature for reports can be a real time saver.

If you’re familiar with the find feature in Microsoft Word, the one in Dynamics GP works the same. To use it:

1.) Print your report to the screen

2.) Press “Ctrl + F” on your keyboard

*NOTE: You can also navigate to Find > “Find” or “Find Next” *

3. Type your search term in the box that opens. Note: You must type your search term exactly as it appears in the report. Capitalization, spelling, and punctuation matter, people! Press “Enter" or Click "OK" in the window.

Magically, you are transported to page 9 of the report where the first instance of your search criteria (in my case STDINV2147) appears and is conveniently highlighted.

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