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GP 2018 R2 Exclude Inactive Checkbooks

It's not at all uncommon to have obsolete checkbooks from old banks. In previous versions of GP, all checkbooks (even the inactive ones) would appear in look up windows causing clutter and confusion.

Luckily, GP 2018 R2 has given us the option to exclude inactive checkbooks in our lookups. Thank you, Microsoft!!!

When in the Checkbook ID look up window, select the arrow on the far left in the blue navigation strip (i.e. just to the left of "View: All Active...". From there, you'll see an option to Exclude Inactive Checkbooks.

If you want to ALWAYS exclude inactive checkbooks on the lookup, click on the option "Set as Default View" immediately below the exclude option (after clicking to Exclude Inactive Checkbooks). This will set the exclusion as the default so you don't have to do it each time you open the lookup window.

This is a user specific setting so each user has the ability to choose their default view and whether they see all checkbooks or only active checkbooks.

**GP Pro Tip Extra** - Other lookup windows in GP also have the "Set as Default View" option (Customer, Vendor, Item, etc.) so if you're constantly filtering look ups, adding custom sort options, etc., check out whether the "Set as Default View" could save you a few clicks!

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