GP 2018 R2 - Transaction Level Posting

This week I had the exact same conversation with two different clients.

The topic? Why do I have to post a transaction separately in the GL when I post it as an individual transaction in the subledger?

The short answer is because prior to GP 2018 R2 that's just how GP worked. The discussion on "why" that's how it worked is a discussion for another day. :)

However, that changed with GP 2018 R2. The latest version of GP includes the option to post individual transactions allllll the way through the GL. No separate financial batch!!!

But how do we set that up??? Easy enough...

1.) Navigate to the Posting set up by going to Administration>>Posting>>Posting

2.) On the Posting Setup window, select your series (i.e. Sales), and Origin (i.e. Cash

Receipt, Sales Transaction Entry, or All to hit everything at once.

3.) Check the box "Post Through General Ledger Files" that is below the checkbox for "Allow Transaction Posting".

*NOTE* - If you don't check the box to allow transaction posting, then the

point is moot because users will be required to save the transactions to batch.

4.) Save your changes, close the screen and enjoy the fruits of your labor by having

fewer clicks to complete the posting for individual transactions!

For more information on Posting Settings or other GP tips and tricks, contact us at

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