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Holds on AP Invoices

Need more documentation from a vendor from before payments can be issued?

Have questions about an invoice?

Waiting for a credit memo before paying?

There are so many reasons for holding payment on an invoice, and luckily for us, Microsoft accounted for this in GP. In GP holds can be placed at two levels. The first is at the overall vendor level in case we aren’t paying this vendor anything until an issue is resolved. The second is on specific invoices in case it is just one or two invoices that are being held.

Holds at Transaction Level

To place holds on individual transactions navigate to: Purchasing> Transactions> Holds

A new window will appear.

1. Select the vendor that corresponds to the invoice needing held

2. A list of transactions belonging to that vendor will populate. Check the box to the right of the one(s) to be held.

3. Click “OK”

Holds at the Vendor Level

Holds can be made for a vendor using the vendor maintenance card. Navigate to: Purchasing>Cards>Vendor

1.) Select the Vendor ID of the vendor needing the hold.

2.) Check the “hold” check box to the right of the Vendor ID

3.) Select “Save” to apply the hold.

Removing Holds:

Removing holds from either a specific invoice or the vendor overall can be done by retracing the steps followed to place the hold initially.The only difference is that you will be unchecking the hold box for the individual invoice or on the vendor maintenance card

Need a List of Invoices or Vendors Held?

Good news! There is a SmartList for that!

For a list of invoices on hold, navigate to:

Smartlist>Purchasing>Payables Transactions>Payable Documents on Hold

For a list of vendors who have been placed on hold from the Vendor Maintenance Card, by navigate to

SmartList>> Purchasing>> Vendors>>Vendors on Hold

*Pro Tip! Don't forget that SmartLists can be set up on a user’s home page as a reminder so you’re notified when there are invoices or vendors on hold! Check out our post on SmartList reminders here.

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