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Microsoft Dynamics GP Financial Reconcile

A member of our team just showed this to a client today so it seemed like a good opportunity to share an update in GP that may not get much attention unless a specific situation calls for it!

With the fall 2020 release of Dynamics GP (Version 18.3), users can now reconcile all financial years at once!

Navigate to Financial>>Utilities>>Reconcile. You can now choose "All" and have GP reconcile all years from oldest to newest. Previously you had to choose a single year, let it run, then choose a subsequent year...over...and over...and over.

Please note that GP is still leveraging the same Dexterity process so if you are attempting to reconcile many years or even a few years with a TON of data, there can still be a performance impact for the duration of the reconcile process.

Additionally, you will still receive the same warning about maintaining history (or not) and what happens if you do not maintain detailed transactions for all your historical years.

It's certainly not a game changer, but it IS one of those features that you'll be extra glad for when you do need it!

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