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PSTL- Minimum AP Check

Did you know there's a way to set the minimum value of an AP check without having to update each vendor??

The Professional Services Tools Library ("PSTL") includes a feature called the PM Minimum Check which allows you to do just that!

In order to use this function, PSTL must first be installed. We generally recommend that PSTL be installed on all workstations and application servers as certain tools require it to function properly (i.e. Doc Date Verify). Access to the PSTL page can be controlled via GP security.

To use the PM Minimum Check function, please do the following:

1.) Navigate to PSTL either using the module button in the lower left of your navigation screen or the Navigation Pane Shortcut if one was created.

a. If you do not see either of the options below, then either PSTL is not installed or your GP user id does not have the necessary access.

2.) If you accessed via the Navigation Module (i.e. big button in the bottom left), you’ll need to open the PSTL tool from the PSTL Area Page. If you opened it from a Navigation Pane Shortcut (i.e. small button in upper left of GP), the PSTL tool will automatically open.

a. If this is the first time you’ve launched the PSTL tool, it will take a few minutes to load and open as it is loading stored procedures, functions, etc. related to the tool.

3.) From the PSTL page, find the “Purchasing Tools” section and the “PM Minimum Check” tool.

4.) To turn on the PM Minimum Check functionality, check the box next to the “PM Minimum Check” function line. Then click “Next”.

5.) To begin using the function, click on “Build Payment Batch” (earlier versions of GP refer to the screen as “Select Checks”).

6.) On the “Build Payment Batch Screen” click on “Additional” then click on “Set Minimum Check Amount”. This will open the Minimum Select Check Amount window.

7.) On the Minimum Select Check Amount, set the minimum amount you wish to write a check for on this check run. In our example, I have set it to $5.00. Click on the “X” in the upper right corner to close the window.

a. This minimum amount will be retained for the next check run and must be changed if a different minimum value is desired in the future.

8.) Note that the Window name identifier has updated with the new minimum value set for checks as a reminder. You may proceed with the remainder of your normal AP check processing for any checks over the $5.00 minimum threshold.

For more information on PSTL and other GP functionality, please contact us at

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