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Personalize Your GP Experience - Part 1

Everyone is unique which is why Dynamics GP offers a variety of ways for users to personalize their GP experience. Navigation layouts, required field formats, shortcuts, Quicklinks, and so many more - all offer a way for users to customize their interaction with GP to make it a more effective tool. Our blog series on how to personalize your GP experience will cover several of the highly useful ways users can take ownership of how they interact with GP

In the first of our series, we'll be highlighting some of the features available to all users via the User Preferences settings in GP. User Preferences comes with numerous options to customize your experience so don't be surprised if you see it appear in more than one of our blogs!

To open the User preferences window, go to the Dynamics GP drop down list > User Preferences.

Default Report Destination:

The default for this setting is printer. If you prefer to preview your reports, and then print from the report screen, this is the setting to use to control that preference!

*This option is for report that is not a posting journal, posting journals are managed in Posting settings window from the company level.

Entry Key:

By default, GP is set up so that pressing the tab key will move you to the next data entry field. What if you don't like that? What if you're a person who prefers to use the enter/return key to move between fields?

Well - if you don't take advantage of this user preference and still try to use enter/return, you'll notice unexpected prompts to save windows, windows closing unexpectedly, etc. Instead, open your user preferences and change the setting to the "Return" option. Now your enter/return key will move you to the next data entry field.

Unsure which you prefer? Toggle back and forth between the options in GP to see which feels more nature. You can make the change as many times as you like!

Windows Command Display:

Are you’re a legacy user? Wanting to return to display settings you were accustomed to before upgrading to newer version of GP? Or are you just not a fan of the large scale buttons that are on many of the GP windows (Save, Delete, Cancel, etc.)?

There are three options in the drop down depending on your preferences: Action Pane, Action Pane Strip, Menu Bar. Each one changes the appearance of the command display. Just pick the one that works best for you!

The key thing to remember with all of these settings is that these are USER preferences. You can change your settings without impacting your coworker - though we do encourage knowledge sharing in case they also want to switch up a few things!

Don't forget to check back regularly for more tips and tricks on how to personalize your GP experience!

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