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Personalize Your GP Experience- Pt. 2

Here we go! Part 2 of how to Personalize Your GP Experience!

In our last post we highlighted a few items from GP’s user preferences window. Who knew one window could hold so much possibility for a user to make small changes, that not only enhance their experience, but also save time!? Microsoft, of course.

We’ll continue highlighting features available to all users via the User Preferences settings before moving on to other options GP has to offer in our next blog post.

To open the user preferences window, go to the Dynamics GP drop down list> User Preferences

Default Sales Doc. Type

This drop down list is made for users who interact with SOP daily. The default for this setting is “Quote”. Generally entering invoices? Quotes aren’t a part of your companies processes? Change your default setting to the doc type you most commonly interact with in the Sales Transaction Entry window. Save yourself that one extra click (140 times a day)!


Reminders can be accessed from the User preferences window. Reminders can be used to prompt users to take action on upcoming payables, past due sales invoices, etc. The great thing about them is that you can create custom reminders tailor made to suit your needs! To see more information about custom reminders and a great example of one, check out our blog here.


A deceptively simple button, but customizing your display settings can make a huge difference in navigating GP windows! By default required fields are black and bold, but users can change required fields to a different color to better call out the difference, the same can be done to customize links.


AutoComplete is the drop down list that appear when a user begins typing, typically in ID fields, and allows for more quick data entry. Sometimes an ID is entered incorrectly, an then re-entered correctly, but the ID will remain an option for AutoComplete to use to fill in the data (how annoying does ACB get when you're aiming for ABC???).

In user preferences a user can tell AutoComplete to remove used entries after a certain numbers of days.

GP Pro Tip Extra: A user can also remove a specific entry by right clicking on the selection when AutoComplete appears and selecting “Remove Entry”

As a reminder, these are USER preferences. The changes made only effect the individual user, not the company at large. Stay tuned as we tackle more options for personalizing your GP experience. These small tips and tricks can make a big difference in a user’s day to day experience with GP!

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