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Personalizing Your GP Experience Pt.3

In our last two posts, we have highlighted GP customization strictly from the User Preferences window, but really that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In this post, part 3 in our series, we will focus on personalizing the GP homepage.

First things though, if a window being discussed isn’t viewable on a users screen, check out these options from the GP Home Page.

Click “customize this page” in the top right corner.

A new window should appear that allows users to select what is displayed on their home screen.

To Do-


Click “new reminder” and a new window should appear.

This window will allow a user to pick from a list of predefined reminders and custom reminders. Custom reminders can be made from Smartlist Favorites. We have a blog post on this here.

New tasks can also be added- click the “new tasks” button and this window should appear.

Click the "new task" button as shown above to see options for creating a new task.

Tasks can be linked to a GP window, external programs/files, and webpages. Additionally, tasks can be assigned to other users within the company and setup on a recurring schedule if desired. For example- if a user wants to be reminded to close a previous month’s fiscal period by the 10th of each month, a task can be setup from the GP homepage to remind the user of the task.

Quick Links-

Quick links are an awesome tool that can save lots of time and clicks by placing most commonly used windows right on a user’s homepage for easy accessibility, eliminating the need navigate through multiple screens, panes, or drop-down lists.

To edit and customize click the pencil icon in the top right corner. From there a new window will appear where you can do the following:

1.) Click “Add” to receive a list of types of links to add. GP windows, external files (who doesn’t have an excel sheet that they just love to use?).

2.) Click on an existing Quick Link and then the “Modify” button so you can rename the shortcut to something helpful for you.

3.) Click on an existing Quick Link and then use the “Move Up” and “Move Down” areas to rearrange the order of the list so its sorted in a way that’s most efficient for you.

4.) See items on the list you don’t care about? No problem! Click on the offending item to highlight it then click on the “Delete” button. It only deletes the item highlighted.

My Reports

Favorite and most frequently used reports can be added to a user’s GP homepage.

Click the “Add reports” link, in the My Reports Window. A pop-up will come up asking if reports want to be selected based the type of work the user uses or selected manually.

If the first option is selected, reports are populated based the role associated with the users ID. This will include most used out of the box reports and Default Smartlist reports.

Electing to manually add reports, or editing from the pencil in the top right corner will bring up an additional pop-up window.

Select the desired report(s) and then click “Add to” add to homepage.

Navigation Pane

The navigation pane is on the far-left hand side of the screen in GP. The top is for shortcuts and the bottom houses buttons for modules.

Top Half of Pane-

This is a powerful tool for customization. Like the quick links shortcuts, users can add any frequently used windows and external files to this pane. What makes the Navigation pane extra useful is that users can also use the top part of the navigation pane to add their favorite Smartlists, macros, and website links right inside of GP!

To add shortcuts to the navigation pane right-click anywhere within the pane and select "Add", another drop down menu will allow the user to select from the available options listed above.

Bottom Half of the Pane –

The bottom of the navigation pane is for modules. Don’t use all the modules? Want to change the order based on frequently they are utilized? Good news…those changes are a breeze. To make changes to the modules in the pane right-click and select “Navigation Pane Options…”

Un-mark unneeded modules and use the up and down buttons on the right and side to change positioning.

Phew, quite a bit packed into just a few customization for a user’s homepage! All these options make it a no brainer for a user to “stay home” when they log into GP

Stay tuned for one more post in this series on Personalizing Your GP Experience!

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