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Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL): Intro & Shortcuts Copy

Did you know there is a free (yes, free!) GP add-on that boasts some seriously powerful tools that, when used correctly, can be huge time-saver! If you’re not using Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL), or you’re not overly familiar with some of its functionality, this new series is for you!

Most of these tools will need to be used while logged in as SA, because again, powerful tools! Used haphazardly, a user could cause some major issues. However, some permissions can be given for other users to some of the PSTL tools through security and tasks. Additionally, trying things out in a test company first, to ensure changes go as imagined, is always a great practice. Its also important to note that before using many of these tools GP will give a prompt to take a back up, in case you decide that big change didn't go as planned, but we recommend taking a backup before using any of these tools.

Installing PSTL

First things first, PSTL may need to be added to your GP. You can add PSTL by navigating to:

Control Panel>Programs and Features> Dynamics GP>Change> Add/ Remove Features

Scroll down to Professional Service Tools Library> Run from My Computer> Next> Install> Exit.

Add to GP Homepage Shortcuts

To add to GP homepage right-click in the toolbar along the left-hand side

Add>Add Window>Technical Tools Service>Project> Professional Services Tools Library

You should now be able to easily locate PSTL in your homepage shortcuts.

Shortcuts Copy

Between giving the ability to copy user security, and the shortcuts copy tool, Microsoft has made making new users the easiest ever!

Have a new employee filling an existing role? Copy shortcuts from the previous user. Creating a new user and an existing user has the same role? Copy shortcuts from the existing user to the new user. Truly, there are so many scenarios where this tool can be helpful!

Before starting, practice in test and/or take that back up!

Navigate to PSTL in the homepage toolbar on the left-hand side.

The below window will open.

Select "Shortcuts Copy", and click next.

Another window will appear. In this window select the user you want to copy shortcuts from and who to copy the shortcuts to.

Select Copy

A prompt will appear to take a backup. If you've taken proper precautions, click continue.

Click OK

Once finished, a prompt to print a report that shows the changes made will appear. We generally print to screen to review.

Check the changes, and that's it! As always feel free to share this information!

If you're not comfortable with the power of these tools, SQL backups, or want further explanation, feel free to reach out to, our consultants are happy to assist you!

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