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PSTL: Doc Date Verify

Fat fingered a date? Been there, done that…sadly! Frequently these transpositions are missed before posting and now that transaction has a date of 6/20/2200 instead of the 6/20/2020 like it was intended to be. Nothing like a voucher that would be current longer than you'll be alive if not corrected! Mistakes like this are a pain to correct, and not a great use of time. Thankfully, this can be prevented with a simple tool in Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) called Doc Date Verify.

Doc Date Verify works by preventing entries being made that aren’t in a fiscal period that is currently setup. So that means if you meant to enter 7/8/2020, and you entered 6/8/2020, and both fiscal periods are setup and open- this feature would not stop this transaction from being posted, BUT this does provide a stop to pesky transposition situations like mentioned above that are a even larger headache to resolve.

In order for Doc Date Verify to work properly, PSTL should be setup on all workstations/servers you want the tool to affect. PSTL is a free tool for Dynamics GP, and if you need more information on install refer to our previous blog post or feel free to reach out to, and we’re happy to assist you!

Date Doc Verify Setup

To setup this tool navigate to:

Home Page> Professional Services Tools Library

Doc Date Verify can be found in upper right box called “Misc Tools”. Click both the radio button AND the check box next to Doc Date Verify. This enables Doc Date verify on any workstation or server with PSTL is installed. Click the X in the upper right corner when done.

Now that this tool has been enabled, transactions that are made with dates that aren’t in setup fiscal periods should receive a prompt that prevents a user from moving forward in creating a transaction until a viable date is entered.

Here I’ve entered the incorrect date of 6/20/2220, instead of 06/20/2020

As soon as I tab away from the doc date entry box I receive the following prompt, and although it says continue, it will only take me back to the doc date entry and will not allow further data entry until the date is corrected to a date in a fiscal period that is setup.

Seems simple, right? Once PSTL is installed, it really is! If you’ve not yet implemented this on your system or you have questions, we’re happy to provide assistance.

If you found this useful, share this with others! Knowledge a power, and a win for one is a win for all!

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