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PSTL: POP Cost Defaulter

Sometimes the out of the box GP default settings aren’t exactly what fits a company’s needs. Of course, one size does not fit all, and Microsoft has taken that into account! Dynamics GP is highly customizable to match the needs of your day to day business. Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) is a powerful tool that is a part of the core install for GP and is packed full of helpful tools and customizations to utilize GP in a way that best fits a company's needs. If you’re unsure how to install this tool check our out blog post.

By default, GP will automatically save the Last Originating Cost and populate that cost when creating a purchase order. PSTL has a tool called POP Cost Defaulter that allows a company to choose the cost that is automatically populated in a PO: Last Originating Cost or Standard Cost. This change is simple to implement, although its important to note that with this tool, and any tool is PSTL, its best to take a back up before doing anything else.

To change to using Standard Cost navigate to PSTL.

In PSTL POP Cost Defaulter can be found in the bottom left, under Purchasing tools.

Find POP Cost Defaulter>Select both the check box and the radio button> Click "Next".

A new popup window should appear. This window will provide the option of changing from the default setting of the Current Cost (from Last Originating Cost) or the Standard Cost.

Select Standard Cost> Click OK

The change has been made! Pretty painless! Note that the change is only made for the specific company that "sa" was logged into while making the change. If you have questions about using this tool, additional customizations, or other tools in PSTL, message us at and any of our consultants would be happy to provide assistance!

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