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PSTL: SOP Customer Item Lookup

Who doesn't love having quick, beneficial information at their fingertips? Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) has a tool that enables customer order history and the most recent prices of purchased items to be available for viewing right from the SOP entry window. Say what?!

PSTL is a power packed, super helpful free toolkit. If you're unsure how to download it for your company, take a look at our blog post covering download and best practices for PSTL.

As always, we recommend taking a backup before enabling this tool and any tool in PSTL.

To activate Customer Item Lookup navigate to:

Homepage Toolbar> Professional Services Tools Library

When PSTL opens, look in the sales section to find SOP Customer Item Lookup. Select both the check box and the radio button to activate.

Close the PSTL window.

Before this feature can be used, a process will need to be ran one time to build data from history tables. This will be done in the Sales Order Processing. Its important to note that this process will require the "sa" user to do this task.

Navigate to:

Sales>Setup>Sales Order Processing

The Sales Order Processing Setup window will open. In the top ribbon select the "Addtional" button on the top ribbon.

Select "Create Initial Lookup Data".

A process will run and close when complete. Any future data will automatically be added to this table.

To use this feature, navigate to:

Sales> Transactions> Sales Transaction Entry

After customer information has been entered, go to Additional> Historical Lookup. A new window should appear with the customers order history.

You can select any line in the Customer Item Lookup window, and then click the header for SOP Number to zoom on the document.

You also can simply double click on the historical order to replicate it and add it to the new transaction entry.

If you have any questions in regards to this tool, or any part of implementing PSTL for your company feel free to contact us at and any of our consultants will be happy to assist you!

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