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PSTL: SOP PO Number Check

Find yourself constantly unraveling how you managed to issue two sales orders/invoices against the same customer PO Number? Well then it's time for you to look at the SOP PO Number Check took in Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL).

SOP PO Number Check will validate and send warning prompts or reject when a duplicate customer PO number is attempted on a customer. Conveniently, there is the ability to customize when these warnings are triggered. Care about duplicate order numbers but not so much about duplicate quotes? No problem!

PSTL is a free and hefty toolbox to cover a plethora of needs in GP. For more information on PSTL or for help with install or implementation of PSTL check out our post, and always feel free to contact us at

With any PSTL tool it's a best practice to take a backup before implementing changes, its also best (and often required!) to be logged in as "sa".

To use the SOP PO Number check tool, start by navigating to PSTL.

The window below should appear.

Navigate to Sales Tools> Select the check box and the radio button next to SOP PO Number check> Click Next

A list of options will appear.

This window is where the customization happens.

All types of SOP documents are listed and each type can be customized as follows:

  • Check DB: Should the corresponding SOP type be checked in the database for duplicates?

  • Which Tables: Which tables should be checked? History, work or both?

  • Check on UI: When the document type is being entered on the user interface, should should this document type be checked?

  • Required: Is the is customer PO number required?

  • Warning Type: If a duplicate is found, how should GP respond? Do nothing? Warn Only? Warn and Reject? or Warn and Ask for Password?

  • Password: If Warn and Ask is selected- what password should be entered to proceed?

Bonus Features! - if a warning is utilized the warning prompt can be customized.

* Its important to note the table in the bottom, when a warning is prompted these symbols will populate values that relate to the sales document.

When done, click "OK".

Again, if you have any questions about implementing this tool or using PSTL contact us at, and any of our consultants would be happy to assist!

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