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Stop Messing With My Control Accounts!

Reconciling subledgers taking longer than necessary because General Journal Entries got booked to Cash or another control account and not in the subledger? NO MORE!

The “Allow Account Entry" field is located within the Account Maintenance window and when unmarked it prevents transactions from being booked to an account unless it is used as a default posting account in places such as cards (vendor, customer, item, etc.) or at the default company posting level.

This feature works particularly well for control accounts including but not limited to Cash, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Inventory where reconciling to a subledger report can be nightmarish if people are posting GL entries to control accounts.

In our experience this is a simple but helpful tool that is often under-utilized.

1. Navigate to: Financial>Cards> Account

2. Select a control account

3. Unmark the check box to the right of account alias that says “Allow Account Entry”

4. Click Save in the upper left corner

If a user attempts to use the account in a Journal Entry or a transaction (i.e. Payables Transaction Entry, Sales Transaction Entry, etc.), the user is prompted with a warning and taken back to the entry window to select a different account before being able to post.

That’s it! Implementing this practice with control accounts is a simple, effective time-saver! If this isn’t a feature you’re utilizing, we highly recommend giving it a try! When it comes time to reconcile, you'll be glad you did.

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