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Commonly Used RM Tables

 Table                    Description                          

RM00101             Customer Master

RM00102             Address Master

RM00103             Customer Master Summary

RM00104             Customer Period Summary

RM00105             National Accounts Master


RM00401             Keys Master


RM10101             Distribution Work and Open

RM10201             Work/Unposted Cash Receipts

RM10301             Work/Unposted Sales Transactions

RM20101             Open Transactions

RM20201             Open Transactions Apply

RM30101             Historical Transactions

RM30201             Historical Transactions Apply

RM30301             Historical Distributions

RMDTYPAL - Document Types

1 - Sale/Invoice

2 - Scheduled Payments

3 - Debit Memo

4 - Finance Charge

5 - Service Repair

6 - Warranty

7 - Credit Memo

8 - Return

9 - Payment

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